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Mondays, which are preferred to Sundays (alone time) are tiring, and this one got there, and I'm still there, i.e. got a cold, both knees hurting, didn't get my Vitamin D walk (it's cloudy but still...), and (not but), it's been a good day; I'm just not 'feeling it' as some say, but I recognize it as awesome, actually:

All I did, lifting a load off my husband, working on my weight training book/routine to begin soon, caring for the (b)rats, and a whole lot more, but mainly?

I'm alive; I'm improving my health; I'm learning to vent closer to when something triggers me instead of letting it build steam; I have people on and off this forum I feel comfortable around (in person, too), and am otherwise fortunate in too many ways to enumerate, which is also great because 1) No one wants that long of a gratitude list to ignore or plow through, 2) I'm too tired to list much, let alone most, of all that is going well and getting better in my life.

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