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I have Raynaud's phenomenon among other health problems, so it being as low as 30 today and breezy felt much colder to me even though I put on a parka, hat, gloves and so on. My hands in particular felt that particular kind of painful just before numbing sets in.

(Not too long ago I saw a photo of myself when I was 24 and had just come in from outside: My fingers were gray; they looked as though they belonged on a cadaver, so I've had this problem much longer than I knew, and I'll bring that photo in to show my doctor--how long it's been going on, just not at the obvious systemic stage it is now.)

I'm grateful my husband wanted to walk up to a nearby store to get a hot chocolate for himself because that got us both out for some air, exercise--good to do as it had stopped snowing and wasn't slick. (I'm saving the manual treadmill walking for worse weather.)

Also, pacing myself is harder on the weekends in terms of stimuli as my husband is an extravert, and although he is kind, caring, not an extreme extravert, just having anyone around, which reflects more on my problem with getting overstimulated than it does on his being too loud and such, is difficult, i.e. the weekends are always challenging.

I ended up putting in earplugs, and I apologized and so did he (too funny, two NFs) because I had interrupted reading from Karen Horney's book, Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Toward Self-Realization, to listen to him.

He described to me in detail what an extreme right-wing Christian on Facebook had to say regarding a post of his in which he faulted Trump for insensitivity to parents whose son died in a war; she faulted my husband for being critical of another human being (very sanctimonious, obnoxious woman).

My temper flared. I said, "I don't give one shit, two fucks or a rat's ass what that woman thinks!" Then I put in earplugs. xD

I deleted--not deactivated--my Facebook account a while back after intermittently using it since 2003 or so, always getting off of it for years at a time because I can't stand the shit posting.

So, I went back to reading Horney; he went back to answering the insufferable bore, and we were cool with each other.

I'll be glad for Monday as I have a dumbbell workout to create--really simple, toning, nothing fancy, but comprehensive in terms of body parts to cover, keeping reps and weights very light to ease stress on my joints--much like one I put together 10 years ago with allowances for how much I've aged, and how many diseases I've either had added to my physical load or worsened since then.

That isn't the kind of work I can focus on weekends because that is more intensive in terms of my husband and I spending time together.

Today has been very good--looking over what I wrote.

I made the necessary adjustments in terms of personal goals as well as set a clear boundary for what I do not want to be subjected to regarding the kinds of polarized baiting that happens via a social medium I detest.
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