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Somber came to mind so STET.

Also, got stuff done that matters to me like The Girls Romp Time:

Beezus and Zanona first--never been on the floor so they played in bed and on the side tables, then I put them away and set up boxes for moving from the bed to the floor and got the old girl out, Pickles had so much fun: hoarding on the bed, then hoarding in the closet, and surprised me by being a daredevil which is why I don't leave her alone to play:

She jumped up on a crate turned vertical, leap from there to the middle shelf of a three-tier open storage deal (never done that before), so I went over and rather than pull her off "to safety" as my ESFP husband would do (as he's done in similar situations) I instead grabbed big and various sized pieces of fleece for padding the shelf, the floor, the crate and let her have fun... until she climbed behind a wicker basket and was contemplating another--more dangerous--jump, so I scooped her up and brought her back to bed for more playing.

When I put her back with food, got more food for Beezus and Zanona, checked on them later, they were all warm under the parabolic heater, after playing and eating, sated, which made me happy.

Vertebrate Mammal Rat Muridae Mouse

Beezus at foot of bed.

Zanona on my bedside table.

Our old girl, Pickles resting at the foot of my recliner.

So off I went to weight train, then walked over to the Christian friend's Free Store (house) and gave her a car coat, hoodie, heavy windbreaker and a bra. I'm under 140 now, and it shows.

I want to stay at this weight, but it's gonna come off, well, maybe, because of the weight training and walking, who knows...

If that happens, I'll put away the clothes that fit me now and get into some smaller stuff I wore in San Diego, deal with it because it'll be more muscle, less fat and inflammation, no 'real' complaints.

NOTE: I vent in What Are You Thinking, and share what I'm thinking in How Are You Today? and so on: Not on purpose, just works out that way.

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