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Got rougher as flu symptoms developed, now I'm OK because I decided to skip Rat Patrol, let my husband do the whole thing because The Girls enjoy running in and out of my t-shirt and sweat bottoms as well as leaping around and over me, sometimes walking on my face to get where they're going... all of which would be too much on top of body aches.

My husband said they are doing just that--running in and out, and spending a lot of time--inside his clothing.

Also, Beezus pulled out and ate one of his mustache hairs--he informed me by yelling this from the bedroom down the hallway, which ordinarily I detest (the yelling from one room to another) but this time I laughed and said, "Stop, you're making me sick." xD

Seriously, good decision to stay in here, away from the commotion, although I am enjoying my husband's reports, especially that The Kids got down on the floor twice.

I want them to move at their own pace, enjoy exploring the floor, taking as long as they need to know it's safe everywhere--just as Pickles did after we moved here. Then they'll have the bed, side tables (their cage, of course) and the whole floor and bedroom closet to play around, climb up on and jump off stuff--scare my husband, make me feel good for them that they're moving, using their limbs, getting to be more rat-like for "kept creatures."

Cage Animal shelter Pet supply

Their cage, I realized today, is the size of other people's tee vee cabinet or "Entertainment Center."

Room Closet Furniture Textile Linens

Closet with pillows where Pickles (the oldest) hides/hoards her food, and plays.
Beezus and Zanona will too whenever they feel comfortable inspecting it for danger.

I bought the pillow cases for fifty cents ea. at thrift stores, cheap pillows, too: all for the rats
to rummage through, romp on and around, and otherwise make their own, because they do, anyway.

Might as well give them 'belated' permission, a semblance of control for me, although I know I don't
really have any besides putting the girls back in their cage.
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