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Up and down, unusually bing/bong...

I slept almost all of yesterday from 3:30 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. this morning. Ill from eating stuff I know not to eat, and I did it anyway.

Then I kept to my weight training, and I was so exhausted and sore afterward, overdue for both food and medication I felt weepy, was beating myself up for screwing up, then beating myself up for beating myself up, and feeling guilty that my husband will have to do today's laundry because I am a day behind and too sore to go down and up repeatedly (steep basement stairs).

After I ate, took not only regular (daily) medications for the cervical and lumbar spine and auto-immune diseases, but ate-and plenty too (sardines, tomatoes, Manna bread, almond milk), then visited with the neighbor who is doing so well I am thrilled for him and whoever gets the privilege of knowing him, my mood took a big swing for the better.

I was able, after I came back inside from sitting in the sun, to think, "Of course you were extra sore and exhausted--you were sick yesterday, jumped into weight training and changed your routine some too."

So, I'm cool. It's a good day: Lessons... Always the lessons, and it's true--this part of what adult relatives said about me as a kid:

I'm a slow learner in some ways, with some things. Like most people, maybe all people, I tend to defy Natural Law, and then like all people who do this, I pay for it.

I have been on a restricted anti-inflammatory diet for good cause, and I forgot... then the reminder hurt, and that's good, because how else to get my attention on this. Rhetorical. No other way but the hard way for hard-heads, and boy howdy do I have a thick skull!
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