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Sounds a LOT like my 2w1 sp/sx friend. Good luck with that one. ^^; I find that 2w1s and 2w3s react much differently to scary social situations, due to the 1 wing disintegrating to 4 versus the 3 wing disintegrating to 9. A 2w1 is more likely to get quiet, then become a little moody and difficult to help, whereas a 2w3 is more likely to either look for a compromise or possibly go dead inside while keeping up the appearance of being "fine." Knowing 2w1s, I doubt he's going to perk up either if you were to suggest giving up the thing he didn't want--he'd just feel even WORSE for "making" you give up something you loved! Maybe try gently reminding him that the future isn't set in stone and the most important thing is to do things you BOTH value together? I would try not to remind him at any moment of what you're giving up or hint at how important it might be to you. Instead focus on finding a compromise while not being obvious about it.
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