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How can I get an ENFP to have a good first impression of me?

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Okay, so I'm an ISTP.

I've been talking to this girl for a while (a long while), and we both know each other through friends, but we haven't met each other yet. I tried typing her myself based on the things she says and what I've been told about her, and I thought she was an ESFP, but I got her to do a personality test in a non-suspicious way, and it turns out she's an ENFP.

Is there anything I can try and do to make her first impression a really good one? I think I would like to get to know her better.. although I'm not too sure.. and she keeps pestering me to meet her.

She says she likes my personality... which is alright I guess.. but I just don't want to come across as too distant and cold, even though I have no idea to do that.. Above all I'm really scared (but I doubt that's got anything to do with MBTI types!).

So, ENFPs, what's the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time? Especially an ISTP, if you can remember your first impression of one.
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first thing i remember about someone is body language; that instant first impression based off body language sticks with me.

tbh, ENFPs aren't very judgemental- if you have a good heart you're already half way there. just try to act like you already do when communicating with her. the most disappointing thing is when you meet someone you've talked to online or whatever and the dynamic seems different in person. what i think you definitely definitely should do is talk about some of the things that you have chatted with her not-in-person. that will establish a sense that your rapport together in-person is the same as when not-in-person, if that makes sense.
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