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How can I possibly be an INTJ?

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I am starting off by stating that I know little of MBTI or socioncs. However, I believe the results must be flawed due to the following reasons:

1. I have a normal IQ.
2. I did not apply myself in school and therefore simply skimmed by.
3. I am not organized nor do I plan my own future.
4. I have been known to spend unwisely.
5. When I am not at work I am lethargic and quite lazy at home.

I do, however, like fictional INTJ characters such as Severus Snape, Stewie Griffin and Monty Burns.
I also think that the most imbeciilic words in the English language are "Hello, how are you?"

Ladies and Gentleman, your thoughts?
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MBTI is not an intelligence test therefore having a T does not mean you have high IQ. It only means what value system you use (what values are most important to you). There are very smart people among Fs and Ts but they use different value systems to measure things up and make decisions so can come into misunderstanding over this. It is also not a test of aptitude - some people test ENTJ, the type called "The Executives", but never get to executive position in life but instead end up being housewives. Spending unwisely like I said it is not an IQ test, I have some INTJs in family, can say that yes they do this sometimes. And yes they can be quite lethargic at home too (that's your I me thinks).

I/E is pretty easy to tell - most people know of themselves whether they like to get to know as many people as possible or few people but very well. Whether they get energized by interacting with others or feel drained.

J/P well the Js tend to be more opinionated and set in their ways. Ps tend to be more random in their thoughts and feelings.

N/S divide is really easy to tell also. Ns like talking about the bigger picture and concepts and connecting things together. Ss like talking about here and now, current events and happenings, they pay a lot of attention to detail and in school excel in subjects like history.
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It's okay, being an INTJ isn't so bad.

We have cookies!:tongue:

This may shed a little light on the fact that no...we don't all fit into the perfect little MBTI box
After reading the above posts some of my doubts have thankfully been alleviated. The issue
most certainly requires further exploration though.

Thank you Vel and hemoglobin for your assistance.
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