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What are the current slight 'how do I' questions (either they have been answered in half or full) and your secret longings in life right now.

Be as honest as possible, because I think it can be therapeutic (maybe. at least it is, for me)

I'll start.

How do I get people in my life to know/ get used to the fact that I am a different person now, I am not who I used to be and I can never go back to who I was?

How do I avoid potential hurt if my friend has feelings for me and it will not be the right time or I will not be able to give it back?

How do I kill every single fear that is either imaginary or real which relates so much to my past?

How I do kill every single need to justify my life?

How do I let go?

Secret longings;

I secretly long for a love that is much more powerful than common sense.

I secretly long not only to be loved, but to be understood.

I secretly long for people to not underestimate what I know.

I secretly long for more solid grounds that can stand the test of time.
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