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How do ISFP males show they are interested or just friendly?

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Any clues seeing they are the non-aggressive types?
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I think that all of these are ISFP traits--problem is, we may exhibit all of these towards one person over time, thus sending a mixed message that confuses. I know I've done that, and I'm sure many other (esp. male ISFPs) have done... There's the rub...
Eh wrong...
I can be very aggressive if I feel like it.
Don't let the stereotype fool you.

I've had periods when I've tried to hide my interest too much,
I've had periods where I've tried to show my interest too much.
I've been on most of the territory in between too.


It can manifest in a myriad of different ways.
All from super shy and reclusive all the way to direct and in your face.
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