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I don't know his personality type.
Sure you can guess, you seem to know him really well, he doesn't have to take a test or anything. Just apply the criteria against his personality.

I meant 'friendship' love. I am sure that we will always love each other as friends
No worries, I didn't try to imply something else.

I sometimes wonder if this person or that still likes me or have they completely forgotten about me an just moved on with their life. Am I just someone from the past to them?

You obviously still care about him, but he might be in a confusion. He wonders, does he have any importance to you? or is he just some luggage from the past that you're trying to get rid of and move on?

Like a good INFP I just drop them, move on and find new friends...:tongue:
lol, since when do INFPs do that?

I admit I do forget a lot of people from my past, but that's because they weren't really important to me to begin with. But the important ones, I never forget. But I'm not always sure if they feel the same.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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