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It'd be better to ask on the enneagram portion of the forum :wink: It's right under the NF bit.


The enneagram is... well, complex. It's more in-depth than the MBTI, I think, and it deals more with motivations and fears of people more than anything else. The quizzes have the possibility of being even more faulty than MBTI tests, but if you want to use one to start searching for your type, then here's some links:

Short Test on SimilarMinds
Enneagram + Variant on Eclectic Energies
"Quick & Painless Enneagram" on OKCupid

Keep in mind there's no correlation between MBTI and the Enneagram. Just because "most INFPs" are Type 4 does not mean that you will be (however, you may be as well :proud:). I'm Type 6, one of the more "rarer" types for INFPs... But that does not mean either typing is incorrect. And as I said, the quizzes may turn out to not give you your true type (I originally tested as near-equal on 6w5 and 9w1), so make sure you read the desciptions of types, wings, and variants.

Good luck! :laughing: I'd recommend you post on the "What's My Enneagram?" forum if you need help... there's much more knowledgable people there. I'm still learning.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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