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How do you do the preferences thing?

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I am confused whether I am an INFP or an INFJ and some people told me to take a look at the different preferences and order them as to which sound like me and which don't.

Where do I find a list of all the preferences with descriptions so I can kind of type myself that way. Also, how exactly do I do this? Like once I order them from most like me to least, how do I tell which personality type I am?
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There are several things people can refer to when they speak of 'preferences'. First off, you may want to look at the descriptions of both INFJ and INFP to decide which one fits you the best. If you'd like to take a more general route, you can look around for differences in Judging vs. Perceiving, the two letters that represent how people prefer to 'manage their lives'. There's also something called a functional analysis test which you can take that's available in a sticky in the Personality Test Resources forum, which may be able to tell you which type you relate to more in a different way. Those are some of the preference methods - if you'd like a topic for outside evaluation of your type, I'd recommend starting a new topic in the 'What's my personality type?' forum.
They're probably talking about your preferences in cognitive functions. The letters in MBTI types determine functions and their order usage. I suggest focusing on the two dominant functions for each type and looking up what they are and seeing what fits. Sometimes cognitive function tests help, but they can also be misleading. If you google all this stuff, you'll find resources online.

INFP = Fi (introverted feeling), Ne (extroverted intuition), Si (introverted sensing), Te (extroverted thinking)

INFJ= Ni (introverted intuition), Fe (extroverted feeling), Ti (introverted thinking), Se (extroverted sensing)

I highly, highly recommend reading some of Jung's Psycholoigcal Types if you want to understand the basis for the MBTI theory and read good function descriptions (because they're the original descriptions).
Classics in the History of Psychology -- Jung (1921/1923) Chapter 10
Scroll about 3/4 way down for the introverted functions. This translation is very wordy, but it's still informative.
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