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How do you fall asleep?

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Ok, so I've noticed a bunch of people here have said that they create little stories and scenarios in their heads when they're trying to fall asleep. Is this something that you do deliberately? Or is something that just happens?

I fall asleep by letting my thoughts spin out of control - I let them go wherever they want (which, as you can imagine, is not necessarily helpful if I'm thinking about something painful or unpleasant - those are the nights when I tend not to fall asleep at all). In that jungle of thoughts, my mind often plays out weird scenarios or re-imagines events in the last day or so. There is nothing deliberate about it however.

So -
First: how do you fall asleep?
Second: if you create these quasi-daydream scenarios, is it on purpose as a tactic to fall asleep or is something that just happens?
Third: how long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
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Sometimes I create scenarios, such as ways of getting out of a stick up, or different art projects that I want to do in the future. The rest of the time, I think about architecture from the eighties and nineties, while wondering why the Geo Car division was taken out of General Motors (along with Saturn, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile).

Ever since the past two weeks, I've been thinking so much about pointless stuff like that. My mind wanders off in such vast lands of what is called my conscious and sub-conscious.

First: I try to fall asleep by turning my fan on high (it's hot in Alabama).
Second: The scenarios are just ways that keep me mentally awake.
Third: I lose track of time, so I will say about 45 minutes to an hour at the most.
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