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I've figured out, that the people in my life that I have my natural pull towards, and the best relationships seem to all turnout to be ENTJs. I still love (am in love with) one of them.

What are your experiences with ISFPs?

My best friend since high-school is ENTJ. We don't see each other often, but we are still practically family. She has helped me develop as a person and fend for myself when I was bullied, and pushed me towards assertiveness. I have grounded her emotionally, and provided a feeling of safety, and that I have accepted her like she is, so she doesn't feel deficient (she's from an abusive family).

I have three younger sisters, two quite close behind me, and one that is 18 years younger. Ever since she's been born, I have been her favorite. I thought it would change with time, kids always keep changing who they like, but she's been stable in that. It's undeserved, I haven't done anything that merits being preferred, but she's always been very explicit about her love for me. It's so endearing, and I would kill for her, or die for her. She's wonderful. Turns out, she's an ENTJ too. She's still young, but I went through the test with her, and it's becoming more and more obvious.

And turns out, that my ex is probably ENTJ too. And he is all the best memories in my life. Same as with my sis and best friend, he inspires me, makes me feel empowered, and is so complementary to me, I haven't experienced that before or after. For him, I was an emotional rock, and I helped him stay sane through a really hard part of his life. And he's been the sweetest, most loving, most explicit person I have ever met. Even after we broke up, we stayed friends, because neither of us is able to cut the other out of our lives.
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