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I'm so dinosaur I am not sure what a forum spammer is, because years ago, for example,
an online "troll" was considered by most to be immature, bored, trouble-making, and possibly mentally ill--certainly malicious. Then next thing I know, on a personality forum I belonged to for so long, it changed, and young people especially came on and started tossing around troll like it was all in good fun and whoever couldn't take it, well, they were just too serious.

So, spammers? I've always thought they were junk, people who start low quality threads, or go around PMing or otherwise sending out a bazillion unasked for and usually useless to worse messages for fun like pranking when one is, oh, 8-years-old?

I dislike the practice; I love a site that stays on top of and discourages haters of whatever stripe.

Hope I'm not so out of the loop that spammers are now seen by many to be a good and fun like Good-n-Plenty candy. I never cared for licorice.
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