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How do you guys learn to feel less shame?

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I ask this in regards to confronting emotions that you may be feeling at the moment, or attempt to resolve pent-up emotions associated with past events.

(I.e. guilt upon realization that you may have been acting in harmful ways towards specific people in your life, that rare time when you let yourself be angry over injustices committed against you instead of holding it in for the long-term, etc.)

Instead of habitually ignoring them or trying to avoid them do to the possible feelings of discomfort associated with the realization process, how does one let themselves be free of these burdens when they mostly aren't familiar with freeing themselves at all?
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i give my mind a better thing to focus on

so i might see something that reminds me of a situation where i felt a lot of shame or embarrassment, instead of going over and over it in my head, i just focus my attention on my breath, and remind myself that the past is the past and the present is all that exists. a few seconds later i feel a lot better, and the more its practiced, the better it works

i might also just experience the feeling and sensations of shame, and focus on that instead of thinking about it, without any judgement of it, embrace and accept!
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