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Sonny has made a lot of great points. I only have a 9 wing but I could relate to several things that he had listed. My 9 wing serves as a vacation place for me from my primary type 1. For example, if I get into overly competitive mindset or I start feeling jealous of somebody else then leaning on my 9 wing I begin to see that everyone has their own road to travel, therefore there is no right or wrong way to act or to be and the incentive for being jealous or judgmental disappears. If I become too stressed or anxious, the 9 wing suggests that everything will be ok no matter what happens in a very positive light.

But there is a darker side to this: the price you pay for feeling that everything will be just fine. This is the feeling of your individual worthlessness and insignificance on the grand scale of everything. You can feel alright no matter what happens only you don't put much value on your own persona, your own goals and aspirations. You have to let yourself go, dissolve your ego, then of course nothing will bother you and you will remain calm in the most extreme situations. Death? No problem. If you feel that your being isn't worth much then you're going to be calm even in the face of dying. I feel that this is what fuels the core of 9's calmness.

This is also what integration of type 9 to type 3 is about: the 9 sheds this sense of insignificance aside and suddenly acquires a sense of personal worth. Then the 9 comes out out of the woodwork to greet the world and accomplish something instead of feeling like a dust speck lost in the cosmic ensemble, paralyzed and inactive.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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