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If you figure it out, let me know? :tongue: It always surprises me when people say I'm laid back. I look that way on the outside, I suppose, because I'm very patient with circumstances (far less so with people). I used to handle stress far better than I do now, but even then it was sort of like I could handle more than the average person, but when I did hit the tipping point, I sort of fell apart far more than the average person.

As @Cloudlight said, my experience as a Nine is that I'm finding that the more I face what's stressing me out, the more I stand up for myself in what I perceive as conflict, the less stress I experience. It's counterintuitive to how I normally operate, but I'm making progress, bit by tiny bit. And I would like to reiterate something else he's said that's become something of a mantra for me when I need to deal with things:

It is my understanding that a healthy 9 has the ability and will to confront stress(es) and know that the pain involved in doing so is temporary and worse in the mind than in reality.
So many times I tell myself that I don't have the strength, courage, or - most often - energy to deal with things, and I allow myself to believe that lie. It's a struggle every day to overcome that, but each small victory encourages me to take the next step.

This may be more helpful to Nines than a Six, however.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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