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As you may know, as a 9 I become a very anxious type 6 under stress. I know how it be. :/

9's are notorious for being calm and collected to the outside perceiver, though it often is accomplished with a fat price tag attached. 9's will repress and ignore in lieu of confronting fear, anger, or any undesirable emotion. This strategy does result in a collected outlook and presence, though it is not authentic and is not recommended by me.

It is my understanding that a healthy 9 has the ability and will to confront stress(es) and know that the pain involved in doing so is temporary and worse in the mind than in reality. Reminding myself of this aids me in staying cool and placid in the seemingly dire times in a healthy manner. The 9's I know seem to understand that it is ok to "go with flow" and live with a certain elasticity that allows them to be flexible with time, obligations, others and themselves. Receiving any information in the most positive light also helps me to approach life optimistically without any expectations. I think many healthy 9's live knowing that it is necessary to relax and hold their own personal space at times.

I am not quite sure how I personally stay calm. It is more of a lifestyle or default approach to life I suppose. I hope you can gather something helpful from the little that I do know about the subject. :)

EDIT: This has become maximally important for me as of late as well: the human mind generally does not deal with the unknown very well. The unknown can send the mind spiraling in anxiety. Knowing this has taught me to identify what is known (not making assumptions) and what is unknown, then focusing on what I can control. Things that are out of ones control can fuck ones shit up. Focusing on what you can do instead of what you cannot do is very helpful.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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