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I used to get chills walking down to the basement in the dark at midnight... anxiety and getting out of there as soon as possible etc

I slowly got used to the idea that If the demons possess me, it would be too bad; i mean, there's not much use in fighting against...It's just a body after all.
The start of the revelation or awakening I hear about among type 9s I suppose. You know, with time I was in manifest with essentially an indifference to the outside world. More so now, I can say things like "I've never heard a song or watched a movie which I didn't enjoy" Maybe i'm just not phased by fearful or exciting stimuli, I'm not sure...But to justify my calmness is more of a mind over matter deal than anything else...Stress can either be something that instinctively belongs to my body or be solved in my mind; not a lot to worry about, right?
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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