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How do you guys stay so calm all the time

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Hello Type 9s,

I am a very anxious type 6 who really admires the healthy 9's ability to be calm and collected all the time. I wanna know, what is your guys' secret? How do you deal with stress? And what keeps you calm in stressful situation.

I am a way easier person to be around when less anxious, so yes, I want to learn from you guys. Many of you seem to have the answer (or multiple answers). So, how do you stay calm when stressed? I want to learn from you guys- you seem like great teachers.

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I would say that it's a kind of humility in the face of insults, or rolling with the punches, or even just accepting the pain of a belly-flop in the swimming pool of life. It *does* hurt, it just doesn't show on the surface, and you accept it as the cost of doing business. So, if I could put what I do to stay so calm all the time into a single slogan, I guess I would say "accept the pain." Not sure if it's the healthiest thing to do, but it seems like that's what Type 9 is all about.

The way I react to stress is to do what I think of as rocking in the corner in fetal position, sucking my thumb, but to an outside observer, would just look like vegging out in front of the tv.
These are all very different points of view- I've never even considered this way of thinking. There is always pressure for me to pick one option over another. But what I see here is that there is a *different* option.
"Interesting game. The only way to win is not to play."?
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