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How do you guys stay so calm all the time

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Hello Type 9s,

I am a very anxious type 6 who really admires the healthy 9's ability to be calm and collected all the time. I wanna know, what is your guys' secret? How do you deal with stress? And what keeps you calm in stressful situation.

I am a way easier person to be around when less anxious, so yes, I want to learn from you guys. Many of you seem to have the answer (or multiple answers). So, how do you stay calm when stressed? I want to learn from you guys- you seem like great teachers.

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Don't be fooled by the 9's outer demeanor. We may appear calm outside, but inside we have either shut down from the conflict to avoid being drawn out into the situation, or we are bottling up all the rage soon to be released by some future trigger.

Of course, if you're a healthy nine, you're entirely present to the situation using your incredible peacemaking ability to mitigate the conflict while at the same time being calm about inside and out.
Completely agree. I know in my own experience as a 9, it's more of a denial of negative emotions than it is a calmness.
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