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How do you identify?

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Edit: I don't care which famous person you identify with most, I want to know how you feel about the way ENTJ is portrayed and compared and contrasted to other types.
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Well... Some people are concerned with minutia and details rather than the main concept or idea.

I was actually meaning to post the link in the OP but you beat me to it.

To answer:

Between the two different option in each one:


Skinning the cat: I tend to be a singular idea oriented person. I have an idea that I consider rational, and how I get things done tends to fit in within the framework of a singular concept. Many ways to skin the cat; yes, as a contingency. This is a good view to have as well. Who cares about the tactics as long as the objective is made?

I am both competitive and results oriented. It basically comes down to is what I want done getting done? Can I get somebody else to do it for me in a strategic manner? If so then I don't need to waste my resources doing it myself, but rather make it beneficial to me somehow. Competition comes into play when I don't trust who has control of the results, or if they can't be made useful to my own agenda.

I use a lot of "colorful" or engaging language in social situations, observations for those that would observe them if not observing rational argument (this works if I absolutely need them to be on board, but if it's about deducing an issue to correct error, I just don't care to be diplomatic and engaging or persuasive). Who cares what you think or saw? Most people who don't care for conceptual framework. This kind of practical language can lend to simple analogy (even if they aren't aware of it).

I view structure as leading to freedom. It's funny how many people will take the instant gratification and end up having to do the structure later in order to fix things. Do it once, do it right, you don't have to deal with it later... you are free.

Everything else is most likely in alignment with the ENTJ side of things.

Between ISTJ and ENTJ:

I can be pretty impetuous and reckless about details when it comes to obtaining a large objective.

I for sure would rather have other people do the grunt of stuff like writing letters, inspecting and so on... I assume those who are designated to do said jobs are competent. I suppose when you organize your armies according to tradition rather than merit, you should be looking for problems though lol.

I would agree with avoiding putative peace contracts along with using the spoils to fund the next advancement.

I don't think I would be one to neglect physical fitness like Napoleon though.

Between INFJ and ENTJ:

ENTJ all the way, though I can often find myself in a bind between practicality and abstractions. I suppose it depends on what exactly I am doing.
I'm starting to wonder if anybody ever reads the fine print...
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