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How do you identify?

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Edit: I don't care which famous person you identify with most, I want to know how you feel about the way ENTJ is portrayed and compared and contrasted to other types.
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Thank you, although I meant more on the descriptions overall for ENTJs, not which celebrity do you feel you identify with most.

Do you think the ENTJ sides relate to you, and the comparisons match how you think you relate to other types?

Which parts did you think were most accurate?

Which parts do you think were least accurate or just completely not you or what you think represent ENTJ?
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Patton was ENTJ, not estp.
Napolean was ESTP, not entj.
Plato was INTJ, not infj.
Teddy Roosevelt looks more ISTP than ESTP.
Duke of Wellington looks more ENTP to me.

... So I would say they are mostly portrayed inaccurately.
Like I keep saying... Disregard the celebrities and look at the traits...
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I'm starting to wonder if anybody ever reads the fine print...
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