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Hi everyone,

I am an INTJ woman and I was wondering how do you describe ISTJ males? I know someone and I can't decide if he is an INTJ or ISTJ, seems both, but I want to know. I barely know him - I know him from church, so I don't want to ask him, yet. Are there any small details that would tell someone is and ISTJ?

In my mind an ISTJ is very meticulous, gentleman, very elegant and tidy. He is a workaholic I suppose and very shy.
These can be INTJ traits as well, I am not sure about the tidy part, but as an INTJ girl I like to be elegant and tidy, it's fun.

Also how do you guys proceed when it comes about relationship? What do you do when you like a girl?

So I am curious, let me know?
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