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How do you stereotypically visually image an INTJ?

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I thought this would be a fun and interesting thread. How do you stereotypically visually image an INTJ?

I would say that the classic lazy and "just smoked a joint" eyes does it for me.

Grey's avatar and profile pic is an example.

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Ya. I'd have to say that's what I was gunning for.
My picture says it all.
So the good INTJ's are the ones that have the serious face and the evil ones have that evil smirk eh? :laughing:
Dr. Brennan FTW!!! I'm pretty damned sure she is an INTJ...that's what I'll always think of for female INTJs hehe
Another one =x

Ni focus~
Na, I see more of that on INTP's.
Na, I see more of that on INTP's.
The blurring out data to mentally highlight the ones that connect? Seems more like a Ni representation to me, regardless of what type John Nash is.

Either way, the glaring focus is definitely INTJ stereotype in my book!

hum, maybe you won't get this if you don't know the story....
From what I gather, it's two musclized members of Blue Men Group trying to rape a naked lady...
Sarah Connor from the Terminator

Or Light Yagami from Death Note

Or Severus Snape

i agree on light yagami from death note. (hat tip to apollo celestio, for introducing me to death note.)

oh, and hannibal lecter.

I love Dr. Brennan but I think she leans more toward INTP. Shes too detailed orientated to be an INTJ, though she does have issues with people and authority. I'm on the fence with her. And House... I'm not sure on him either. :dry:

This is my favorite one:
I first heard of this 'look' a couple of days ago, on this forum. I'm still trying to get a handle on it, but how about Sigourney Weaver?

Not to mention, now that I think about it, my avatar. I used to find it amusing, because I had that same white lion (ess?) as my desktop wallpaper at work, and people told me it looked scary.
I couldn't understand, because, to me, it looked like the lion was bored to death with the photographer. Heh. But maybe they meant they were just being intimidated by the "I see through your bullshit" look.

EDIT: Or maybe it's an "I'll humor you, as long as you don't attempt to stop me" look. Mwoohaha.
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