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I tend to like listeners best. I would say thinkers would be difficult for friends but great for a romantic relationships. Kinda twisted isn't it?

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The thing you've gotta understand, is that we generally accept everyone and we are nice to everyone, but that's our party nature a little bit, you also gotta know, that that doesn't mean we like you particularly, our personality type could be perceived as narcissistic, arrogant and self-absorbed at extremes, and our lifestyle seem very disordered and chaotic to some, but extremely exciting and mysterious to others. We're not particularly arrogant but we love attention, that's the thing, if you put the spotlight on us first, and pretend to love us for what we say, we will absolutely love you for it, especially if the esfp is externally framed, our lifestyles are chaotic and we make decisions based on the idea that nothing is real, not even the current moment if that makes sense, like anything could happen at any time and that's how we like it, that's why we tend to move away from plans and become disorganised, it's our biggest weakness and strength, for this reason, we really really really really love super adventurous people who are willing to try all the new things we try with us, as an example, yesterday I was at the beach with my brother in law whose a free runner, I previously had no free running knowledge, by the end of the day I was landing front flips and side flips off ledges because I wanted to try it and I got this determined spark

Things I love:
- People who put a lot of attention on me and recognize that me showing off, is just me trying to impress them and that it's a good thing not a bad thing.
- People who don't mind getting really deep with me and letting their emotions show
- People who I can talk to about my emotions who won't judge me
- People who understand who I am
- People who are different and who I don't know about
- Not sure if this is just me but I really really love shy people and introverts they're like the best!
- People who are spontaneous and adventurous with me
- People who can have fun and be outgoing with me (contradicts the introvert but both are amazing for different reasons)
- People who will understand I'm really indecisive and help me make decisions
- People who give me good advice on how to improve myself
- People who are warm, kind and friendly
- People who can play around and diss me in a jokey way and also let me diss them
- People who flirt, and touch

Things I hate:

- People who are uninteresting
- People who follow crowds or are afraid to try new things
- People who don't respect that loyalty to your close friends and family comes above all
- People who are horrible for no reason or sneak diss me
- People who don't accept other people for no good reason
- People who are boring and unwilling to try new things
- Any form of anything trying to control me
- Anyone who thinks that they're better than me
- People who don't let you get a word in
- People who are emotionally dead
- People who don't understand why I cry during emotional films
- Anyone that takes advantage
Hey thankyou very much for taking the time and giving me so much insight into the ESFP personality, you guys are definitely one of the most adorable human beings I know. I currently am interested in the ESFP personality because I'm interested in an ESFP guy. I'm an INTP girl who is extremely shy, super logical, and super intuitive as well.

I was new in this school and I have one class in common with this ESFP guy(btw I made him take the test) and we never really talked until I added him on snapchat by mistake(I thought he is someone else)he added me immediately and bombarded me with questions(like what I like and made me introduce myself a little bit). Then I asked him what tv show is good to watch then we made a deal to watch the show we recommanded to each other in 1 week. sometimes when he has abundance of time he watches the chat window waiting for my reply which made me feel really special like having an one on one face to face conversation instead of just mass texting. And when I ask a question(not directed to him its like on a story where everyone can see) he went out of his way to help me even when he didn't know much about the subject either which I find really cute.

I think he is not as boisterous, or shallow, or stupid as he acted on the surface but it's really hard to get to know him at a deeper level as the conversations are mostly about everyday school stuff(he would text me and ask me how was my day and stuff) and they are all kind of dry and close ended making me doubt whether he truly wants to talk to me or is just being polite. He seem to reply all my texts even if its just a emoji and he makes sure he sends the last text(usually like yep to reaffirm what I said but just dry words that you can't really extend the conversation). He also doesn't seem to reply to group sent snaps which made me think he is a very personal guy since few weeks ago was thanksgiving(at that time we only started talking for about a week) and he texted to me individually 'thankful for you' when most people just made a snap and group sent it.

After I got to know more about ESFP personality I'm more torn on whether he is just just super nice or he is interested in me. How he go out of his way to help me, make sure his text is the last text, taking me seriously unlike his joking attitude he shown to most people, and compliments my intelligence, art, and sometimes appearance when I sound unconfident, thoes all made me think that he likes me but on the other hand he no longer initates conversations about who I am personally(I don't really ask either because I don't want to sound prying and the situation never comes) and everything he did for me is never really out of the friend zone(I'm still really grateful and appreciated all.). I just want to know your opinion on this and how can I perhaps get to know him in a more intimate way if he is indeed interested.

we only known each other for about 20 days, I'm super shy and we don't see each other often and people would probably never associate me and him together but oddly I did hear his friends mention me and during the first week when he texted me and asked me how I am there's this friend of his would cross the hallway and ask me how I am doing. I didn't make the connection until later because I had this happened to me before and I think its because the way I respond to people's greeting is kind of weird and robotic and they find it funny. He once texted me asking how I am doing twice with the two texts only minutes apart so I kind of shaded on how his friend would ask me how I am doing multiple times a day and he apologized immediately.

So yeah this is basically the situation and my question is he just being his nice esfp self or is he interested? And what approach should I use to get to know him more and not seem too prying? Thankyou very much for reading this.
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