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How do you use Ti?

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How do you make use of your inferior function, Ti?
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Can't answer that properly, I have a very strong Ti. (Still an ENFJ!)
I've been wondering that too - what relationship do ENFJs have with this inferior function? How does it express itself in your everyday life? What internal sense of it do you have? Does its expression ever repel you?
I've been wondering about this question too.
I'm an ENTP, however I know a strong ENFJ and around her I can access my Ti more easily than around other people. I can't work out the sense behind this phenomenon given that it is ENFJ's inferior function and my secondary function, so why should mine manifest around her, and why does she actively encourage it and react positively to my discolure of it to her?

I find that other people often can't see or access my Ti, and I can often not access it myself (i'm very strong Ne with a yet-to be-strengened Ti, but I'm working on it).

I like to be able to access my Ti- I become clearer and more focused and productive when I do. Her and my Ti interacton is a curious and puzzling phenomenon which I'd like to understand so that I can more easily increase my Ti usuage in the world.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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