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How do you use your Intuition?

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I'm fairly new to this Type-thing and this forum, but i do hope i get some answers.

How do you use your iNtuition, how does it play out?
Is it a Blessing or a curse?
Do you feel like you'd like to turn it down a bit sometimes?
does it make you a bit more close-minded than you think you are,

Answers, any please.

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oooh Thanks uys, i'm starting to understand a little bit more.
@thegirlcandance, i'm watching the videos now, but from your example, i think i may not have 'listened' to my intuition in a situation like that

@Zomboy, you have described my thought process to a T, and those mood swings..gaah.
Is it a Blessing or a curse?
Can be both. If I overuse Ni too much then I start getting lazy. Who cares about doing laundry when you can be reading about something interesting? Sometimes it can get out of hand. Socially it can present some problems making you too introverted and not going out enough. Also if you start reading people all too well they can become more guarded around you and even start to resent you for it. Sometimes I am also scared that I will spend my life learning and won't do as much, won't make any significant contributions. However this sort of fear is also really good for propelling oneself to choose a career and become a specialist as much as our Ni might spread us too thin and make INFJs neglect career development.

does it make you a bit more close-minded than you think you are
No I think it has always made me more open minded. Introverted intuition makes one want to see any object, person, or topic from multiple points of view. And the love of learning that INFJs sometimes experience is actually manifestation of wanting to learn about more different points of view. This actually makes one be more open minded.
I feel the same way about just learning and learning and not doing anything with it.

The thing with the close-mindedness , is that i find, while i am open to learn about different points of views, when i encounter someone who doesn't seem interested in reciprocating, I shut down to an extent and while I'm really open minded, I'm closed at that point.
I am sure I failed to trust my intuition last night when i went to buy food from a shop. The look of the food even told me but i dismissed it cause i'd been there several times. So i bought this food and ate it.

Now, I've been sick for the past 18hrs. Its not funny.
I allowed hunger and a bit of judgement to overrule my intuition. A simple thing but large consequences as i lie in bed in lots of pain :(
A blessing I ignored.
And I agree that if you really get lost in Ni you can wind up whiling away the hours - doing things like, Oh say; posting a lot of lengthy posts to Personality Cafe ;-)

Once in 2001 I was at work one day and out of the blue I was hit by this feeling of dread. I was thinking about a friend I had not seen in 13 years when suddenly I was overcome with the idea that this person was in trouble. I tried to find them by looking online that night but no joy. So I actually paid $200 to a people finder service. They located this person's mother.

My friend in question indeed was in serious trouble, and frankly still is. But it had come to a head with an incident with the mother right at the time I had this visualization. When my friend's mom realized why I had called she was deeply moved. I drove 5 hours to go to the town where she lived to check on her. I visited for a couple of days staying nearby with a business associate of mine. We shared stories and pictures and I did some practical things for her on her property. Since that day I have been friends with the mom and vigilant in prayer with her that my friend may someday find a better life. But that premonition, that vision I had was so real, and so bloody accurate. I still can't get over it. Not the sort of thing that happens everyday. Sometimes you can just see an entire situation unfolding in your intuition. Sometimes, you wish it wasn't the way you saw it.

(* I don't believe in the paranormal. Everything that happens occurs for natural reasons. But those reasons may be supervenient to the ordinary.)
Today 05:50 PM
Amazing though.
I wonder if having constant deja vu feelings have anything to do with Intuition
However, it can be a curse in my situation because I can get a vibe from someone that isn't good, yet that vibe could be something out of their control (like a problem with their family), and I'll mistake it as something worse.
Because of the vibes I get from certain people and if I don't like it, I stay away from them and then I can be questioned by others on why...and I hate explaining it to people. That's another aspect that can be a curse in some ways, but I wouldn't want to turn it down, I count on it.
This was exactly what i had in mind when I talked about being 'close-minded'
I begin to withdraw from particular persons when i get the 'vibe' but i could misJudge the situation like you explained but lots of times with guys..its been pretty accurate.
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