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How do you use your Intuition?

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I'm fairly new to this Type-thing and this forum, but i do hope i get some answers.

How do you use your iNtuition, how does it play out?
Is it a Blessing or a curse?
Do you feel like you'd like to turn it down a bit sometimes?
does it make you a bit more close-minded than you think you are,

Answers, any please.

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Even though I may be more on the intuitive side of my personality, I don't think I use my intuition very well. But I have come across strong moments of intuition that has helped me help my family members during crisis moments and I was able to reach them in time. As if some kind of intuition kicked in and said, "Get to them right now!"

Oddly, I don't know if it is really a blessing or a curse because I have had very scary intuitive happenings that aren't easy to explain. With the right help, and guidance, I think intuition can be a very good thing that can help others as well as one's self.

I don't know about the turning down because I haven't turned it up.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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