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How do you use your Intuition?

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I'm fairly new to this Type-thing and this forum, but i do hope i get some answers.

How do you use your iNtuition, how does it play out?
Is it a Blessing or a curse?
Do you feel like you'd like to turn it down a bit sometimes?
does it make you a bit more close-minded than you think you are,

Answers, any please.

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I tend to see patterns and meaning. My intuition comes into play in figuring out if I've seen this pattern before or not. Then I can make a judgment/decision on the outcome of an action I could take. If it's something I've never come across I'm able to reevaluate my system and will be more able to manage whatever situation it is in the future.
Is it a curse/blessing? It can be both. When I was younger it was more of a curse. I didn't fully understand how I worked. I think too much sometimes which makes it difficult for me to see things at face value. I think it makes me more open than close-minded. I'm pretty understanding and I enjoy learning new things/paths/patterns.
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