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Type 6's big deal is that they are uncomfortable with uncertainty; they want the world to be a predictable place where they can expect that doing X will lead to good results, doing Y will lead to bad results, etc. When they're stressed, that need gets exaggerated.

I've compared Type 3 to a person who obsessively reads the manual of the game of life in order to "win" by getting all the exploits ("I got the most promotions! I had children (that I ignored)! I met a famous person (by wasting a ton of money to go to a meet and greet event)! I won!"). I mean, if you aren't getting the most points, who are you?

Type 6 disintegrating to 3 looks up all the exploits that some other Type 3 player came up with, because if you rack up enough points... well, uh... it's an objective system. And that's all that matters. If you follow the points you can't be wrong.

Only problem is that life is supposed to be a sandbox game where you create your own win condition.

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Lemme flex my Te-skillz and refer to The Great Tom Condon:

Six’s Connection to Three

• Brings Sixes self-confidence, productivity and skillfulness.
• The will and focus to finish what they start.
• Able to make decisions and take action, sometimes exhibiting leadership qualities.
• Brings an optimistic sense of possibility.
• This connection also supports a striking professionalism.
• Highly capable, if not always completely confident.
• Many have good organizational and administrative talents.
• They are also strong on quality control – what they do, they do well. They feel affirmed by what they produce.
• Threeish Sixes can have a con artist streak.
• They want to appear different than they are; hide their deviance with charm.
• May mock and revile success but secretly envy it in others.
• They can immerse themselves in activity as a way to manage anxiety, especially when counterphobic.
• Sixes are also prone to Three-like compensatory hyperactivity – they go in circles and do too much, especially when under stress.
• Can stab you in the back, while believing they are the victim. Or present a meek front while conspiring behind the scenes.
• They are competitive and want to best others but hide such motives to appear likable.
• Can become the unfair authority whom they would ordinarily fear.
• Perform well mainly to avoid criticism, especially from authorities.
• Ambitious for what they should want – based on the expectations and opinions of others – but out of touch with what they do want.
• Very unhealthy Sixes have more conscience than very unhealthy Threes, but they still can be manipulative, calculating and vengeful.
Fine Distinctions – Sixes – Tom Condon | Nine Points Magazine
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