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How does an ENFP (or other F types) go to the figurative "dark side?"

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Not that I want to myself, but several online descriptions talk about how an ENFP would be manipulative if they went to the "dark side." Not to mention that some of the most bloodthirsty killers in history such as Che Guevara were widely purported to be ENFPs themselves.

This has actually been bothering me for a while. How would ENFPs even test as Fs in the first place if they were so fucked up as people? The questions on MBTI surveys that determine whether you're an F or a T are the ones that say things like "how sympathetic are you to other people" or "do you tend to provide emotional support" or other similar questions. How do people with seemingly no conscience or regard for other human life such as Hitler (INFJ) indicate a preference for Feeling over Thinking? Would an ENFP that goes over to the "dark side" still be an "ENFP"? Such a change of personality would have to mean a sort of abandonment of one's ideals or conscience.
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The "dark side" thing reminds me of Anakin Skywalker. He started out good (although the jury is still out about whether or not he was actually an ENFP) and then was brainwashed into thinking that he was doing good when he was actually doing evil.
I personally have skipped along the road to the "dark side" quite cheerfully a few times. But I only did it when people I love were intentionally and cruelly hurt by other people.
For example: my own mother, (who SAYS she's an ISFP, although I suspect she's ISFJ) once intentionally lured one of my very dearest friends to dinner with her on the pretext of helping plan my wedding shower. Mommy Dearest then verbally attacked and abused my friend because she was jealous of our friendship. She reduced her to tears in public, at a restaurant, and then stiffed her with the bill, refused to help with the shower AT ALL, and walked out.
My friend was so anguished that it took her 45 minutes to call me and explain what had happened. By that time my mom had already called, screaming about how SHE is my mother and that she refuses to have anything to do with my friend. We had to have POLICE OFFICERS on STANDBY at my shower and wedding reception just in case my mom went apeshit again!
So when I had heard from both sides and processed everything emotionally (ENFPs you feel me, right?), I went thru the incident as logically as possible in my mind and came to the conclusion that my mom was freaking crazy and lying through her teeth. I took steps to inform her that, 1. if she EVER pulled a stunt like that again and caused me any more anxiety/grief prior to my wedding, she would be disinvited immediately;
and 2. she was never, ever again to speak to my friend in such a manner for the rest of her natural life. If she did so there would be negative and permanent consequences on our personal mother-daughter relationship.
She probably cried about the whole thing, and sometimes I feel bad for the way I handled it. But it's over with and done, and I can't change anything I did in the past. And nobody dicks with my loved ones- even other loved ones.

I think that ENFPs who have been raised in general security and love can't really understand their potential for darkness. In my opinion it takes some sort of trauma to get an ENFP to consider the "dark side". In my case I went through a lot of emotional and mental abuse as a child and a teenager, up until I was 20 or so, at the hands of my mother (mostly her) and siblings. Without that I am confident that I wouldn't consider darkness an option.
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