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1. The process of discovery was great. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about myself and was stunned by the accuracy that MBTI possessed. The passing of time has dulled that effect and I know have a few points where I disagree with MBTI and Jung but I still love the theories.

2. I discovered that there are other people like me out there in the world. I had always felt like a freak because there wasn't anyone else like myself around. MBTI/Jung helped me to realize that I can be myself without being a freak. It might sound a little silly but I guess I needed some reassurance.

MBTI/Jung/Keirsey and the cognitive functions also greatly helped in me in my quest to understand myself and why I am who I am. It also helped me to understand other people; how they differ from myself and why.

Learning that I am not alone and gaining an understanding of myself that I previously did not have has led to an enormous increase in my self-esteem and confidence. That is, without a doubt, the most significant way in which MBTI/Jung/Keirsey has helped me.
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