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For me I'm thinking it's about learning to love myself and not put myself down, sell myself short. To realise that I have the capabilities to do things and i'm allowed to fail and that failure is only a stepping stone to future success.
To try and get out of my comfort zone from time to time to grow by being in uneasy waters having to learn to adapt but still be myself.
To focus on things that utilize my strengths so that I am rewarded with achievement for things I find enjoyment in.

Because I dont think it's so much about working on your weaker functions to become more well rounded as it is to push your strengths out and become natural at what ever it is you pursue. If you work in your shadow you won't just be bad at it, you'll be a bad you even and be tired, you work at being yourself and treating yourself well you'll become better have more energy to improve yourself in areas you wish and become a more confident individual because you'll love yourself
Great Post, the bit in bold is particularly important; I feel some of us often sabotage our own selfs cos of this.
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