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Hello, I have an ESFP friend.
(Yeah Male INTP friends with a female ESFP how did that happen? Answer, an ENTP friend, who I met via an ENFP friend who I met via the video game skyrim) She asks me a lot for advice and to help with things, like solving problems or asking me to look up stuff, which is fine, it's fun and we have 'banter'.

However sometimes she gets really illogical, as in hindering herself just because "It doesn't feel right" and if I argue she gets really angry...

As in a problem where she was afraid of Person Y because he somehow knew where she was every Sunday, and when she randomly went to place (so without planning) even when person Y was in a different location entirely, she was scared and asked me how he could be doing this, I had a few ideas and said to really find out I would have to speak with him, and or she would. She said she wouldn't because talking to him 'made her feel sick' and she told me not to, because it made her feel uncomfortable... that's it.

Any idea how I can get her to change her mind? (Not just this but other situations as well)
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