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How to discover the love for life?

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I wanted to post the title 'How to rediscover the love for life' but realized I hadn't really discover that before.

So, my problem as follows:

immediate problems:
-No job yet (for 6 moths now). I don't have a stellar degree to land anything decent and too much into debt to pursue further studies. My major was psychology, but don't have marks to pursue graduate school, or the skills to pussue anything in the field.
-I've become agoraphobic. Interacting with anyone scares me a lot. I don't even go out anymore.
-Don't have any friends.
-I just spend everyday doing nothing, and stay submerged in a sense of purposelessness.
-I have no love for life.

Chronic problem:
-I've always been overweight and I believe that it's the problem to everything. My self-esteem is low because of this, and that's why I don't interact with people much, and that's why all the other problems are occurring
-I have no idea what to do as a career.

I've always wanted to be one of the normal folks, going to their 9-5, smile, enjoy life, enjoy love, etc. but I feel it's impossible for me to do so. i feel like the ship has sailed and there's nothing I can do now to love life. Nothing cheers me up, and I frequently wonder what'd it be like to 'not exist'.

Anything I can do to get out of this rut and discover the love for life? All of us meant to love life?
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this is exactly what it is. the harder you try to find something, the more you push what is natural and true to yourself off to the sides.
Stop actively seeking a meaning and try to focus one of your problems. It doesn't have to be the most crucial one. One step at a time. I know it will be hard and frustrating at first. Just trust me and try to live the life beyond definitions, instead of loving it on purpose. You will end up loving yourself and it will be "the life", not "your life" anymore.
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