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So I saw this guy's profile on OKcupid and I fell in love! (with his profile that is)
I messaged him first (which I NEVER do) and he asked to meet up but didn't work out :/
after couple of months later, I came out of my nutshell and asked to hang out.
and we did couple of times. and I had so much fun!

the thing is, He's very engaging in person but not initiative at all when we're not together.
(he never ask me out or messages me first) but then again he checks OKcupid very frequently
He's leaving the country in 6 months but might come back after few months
so I can't help but wonder if he's looking for something more casual? (and I'm not)

I like this guy.. but I'm not sure if should I move on though.
any advises to get this guy?
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