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Finding your niche in the world...

What about you? Do you know what you want?

I'm a baby boomer, with children and grandchildren. I want happiness for myself and my husband of almost 40 years; to have wonderful and peaceful relationships with all my family members and friends--as much as is possible, that is; to be a blessing to someone every day; and last but most certainly not least, to please the Lord with my life.

Did you have some time in your life, in which you didnt know your path and than find out?

I probably didn't know the path of my greatest joy until recently! It's like I started out on an 8 lane interstate and have gradually narrowed it down to a pathway winding up a steep mountain. My search went from not having any idea what kind of books I liked (at age 10)--to finally finding a few I enjoyed (at age 12)--to eventually discover I LOVED self-help books (in my 20's and 30's)--ending with inspirational books from my 40's through the current time.


All learning came from trial and error, from being willing to reach out and try something new and different. The people God brought into my life brought their interests into my life, also, further broadening my horizons. Interestingly, my adult son has been extremely influential in this regard.

How to find out what to do?

My course in high school included some things way back when that are now available in college. Among those things, I learned typing and shorthand, which helped me all the way through life (in taking notes), as I am very forgetful and always have been.

Computers weren't even around when I was in high school, and I absolutely hated them when my boys first started playing Mario Bros. on their first home computer (in elementary school).

My education prepared me to work places that now require college education. To work in various offices, an excellent knowledge of computers was required. (Thank God for that!) My professional days gave me a better understanding of the world of work. Now I LOVE using the computer, with all of its many gifts!

I love inspirational stuff, and my favorite task ever was typing inspirational documents in my final job before stepping back into homemaking, which I have always loved.

Because of my husband's career, we traveled a LOT!

I used to love to write and submitted quite a few stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Although friends and family loved them, I never sold any.

How to find the way?

Find where your passion lies. That's what you can spend hours doing, and forget to eat. Sometimes, you don't even want to go to bed. You'd rather be doing that thing you are passionate about. (This does not count eating, sleeping, and playing video games.)

Within that passion, lies your path. Use it to serve God and humankind. That is your calling, and each of us has one.

Ask God to send you just the right life-partner, and then be patient. Ask him daily for wisdom and guidance.

While I once loved to write inspirational non-fiction stories, now I just enjoy encouraging people. I've been reading to encourage myself for about 40 years, so I suppose I do an okay job of it.

How to be happy in my life?

When you, by using your God-given talents and gifts, are making other people happy, or making the world a better place (because many people are determined they will never be happy), the byproduct will be your own happiness.

My Dad used to say, "You can never build happiness off someone elses misery."

If we care to please God, then anything does not go. There are rules to live by, which can be summed up by the golden rule. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Be kind, willing to forgive, and always do your best. The Bible says, "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men." Romans 12:18

Find friends with healthy productive interests. Getting involved with a Christian youth group is a great way to go.

Lastly, find a great mentor!

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Nobody loves you because you do not love yourself. How do you expect to share with others an aspect you do not have towards yourself?

Love yourself. Whatever that even means. You'll slowly see what the message means.
A great book for people with low self-esteem is Wayne Dyer's, Your Sacred Self. Don't expect to just read it and set it aside, though. Make plenty of notes; and go over them daily.

We are all diamonds in the rough. Children who grew up cherished by their parents already know this. They had their blessing.

Yet, an unimaginable blessing awaits those who didn't grow up so cherished. "Where lies your greatest pain, lies also your greatest treasure."
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