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Please do the following:

1. Plug in your webcam and make sure it's set up and working.

2. Download and install Skype from Create your own account/username. Let me the other participant know what it is (and find out theirs). Add them to your contacts by searching for their username. It will send a request to them, and they will need to agree.

3. With Skype running and your webcam working, go to Tools > Options and test your audio and video settings. For audio, make sure your microphone bar lights up when you speak, and make sure you can hear the test sound. For video, go to webcam settings and make sure everything looks kosher. If you have the option to switch to a higher resolution (which may be in Skype or may be in your webcam's local software), do so. Note: don't run the webcam software and Skype at the same time, because they might fight over the hardware.

4. Make sure there's good lighting where you are and that it's not too noisy.

5. If you have any discussion topics or questions, have them in mind. If not, no worries.

6. It's a good idea to have headphones/earbuds, because otherwise there's an echo.

7. One person will then video call the other at the agreed-upon time.

Participants will need to set up the shot so they're both about the same distance from the camera (once the call has started).
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