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Just some musings about saving the world or at least improving it.

First one, don't buy a car if you can and make using a pushbike the norm.
Be careful about your airmile travel and in the name of protecting the planet - please cut down on your airtickets, yeah, im asking you to consider doing this.
Question what you need to spend your money on, keep to the essentials with the odd treat but avoid catergorising yourself as yet another consumer, don't just mindlessly spend, be fully conscious in your spending as buying things that some advertising told you that you need in order to become a more complete person, you are complete as you are now, thats what a lifetime of retail brainwashing does.
Learn the tricks and marketing techniques used by the advertising industry, many of them are very, very subtle, of course we are all susceptable which is why it is important to be knowledgable about predatory markets.
When you are in a big city, stop and take a look around you once in a while instead of becoming another mindless borg.
Don't buy birthday cards, learn to be creative, make personalised cards and gifts, use natural materials. Get into knitting, crafting etc.
Return the love and give to those what you no longer need, anothers junk is anothers treasure.
NEVER use carrier bags.
Join a human rights/animals/environmental etc organisation, sign petitions, promote, write letters to mp's etc.
Buy Local - buying from dodgy companies like the BodyShop who was bought out by L'oreal - Do your research, but you know that.
Avoid buying from supermarkets - go to independent grocers/stores instead, don't fall for the same marketing techniques like club cards in order to keep your custom tied to them, give your custom to the companies that deserve it and that make an effort to give back to the community.
Write letters of complaint if you happen to witness unethical treatment to staff, the local community, environment etc. If you suspect a company to be wasting an obscene amount of food, take it further, don't just moan about it, write to management as well as other, appropriate companies. Or spread word through the grapevine if you are certain in your observations about poor, ethical company behaviour.
Remember, you vote with your money, be careful who you give it to, you are more than a consumer.
Lastly, turn the TV off and stop selling your brain to the mind control experts.

Feel free to add more, lets get the ball rolling.
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