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How to Spot One of You Guys in a Crowd

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The title basically says it all.

How can an ENFP like me differentiate one of you guys from the rest? Do you guys typically have a thing you guys do, or something? I've only ever met one INTJ in my life so far (that I know of), and they seem pretty cool.

I guess my question is, in social settings, where can I find you guys? Who do you typically hang out with (personality type wise)? What do you usually talk about? What topics of conversation do you avoid? Are you quiet, or is that just a stereotype?

Any and all thoughts appreciated! :D
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Try looking not in the crowd.

I am typically doing my own thing with very little interest in joining crowds or groups of people... in fact, joining a 'circle' of people is something I am really bad at and never do.

I typically only talk to max 2 people at a time... any more than that and I'm relegated to silent edge-of-crowd observer, unless they are mostly very close friends.

I usually find a safe spot and watch, or find something to do/help with.

I prefer intellectual conversations or games... I won't play some games just because I think they are silly, but others I will join in with. I also will leave conversations if they get stupid.
1 - 1 of 80 Posts
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