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When I walk in group I'm always in the back to have a better view of my surrounding to protect against attacks and to check the girls asses in front of me obviously. You see a guy talking to a girl, the girl turn her head to the right to check something and the guy watch her boobs immediately, that's me man. That's me :p.

I always try to have a good look of my surrounding, I prefer to be on the side instead of the middle because it's more dangerous in the middle??? I don't know. I'm always going for the best defensive positions even tho nobody attacked me in years lol. (I take a good look to everybody I see, if you're a suicide bomber I'm the first to spot you and run to the exit while I say shit to nobody.)

When I open my mouth to talk there is more often than not a good reason. The things I say are informative or funny. I won't begin to talk about the cat I saw crossing the road in front of me today but if I were to I would say : So today while going to work I saw a cat in the middle of the road. I knew that if I didn't put the brake on that I would run over it so I accelerated to make sure I would kill that motherfucker who was blocking my view of the street. (I always give a crazy reason, because if I don't I'm quite sure they will think I'm serious. And I don't want them to think I'm serious when I'm really serious. I have to hide the fact that I like to run over cats with my car.)

And I wear black clothes often too. But recently I bought more red, it's suppose to look aggressive. Women like that, other men don't like that. I don't really see any difference, I guess that study was bullshit but the color is nice.

I'm like a ninja, when I walk nobody hear me.

I sometimes space out and I begin to smile randomly while people are talking because I've just told myself the best joke of the Universe. Like, it's the story of someone who trained to become an astronaut. After 8 years of training at NASA he finally did it. The give him his first mission that he will accomplished in 1 year. He goes to the bar and when a lady ask him what he does for a living he says "I'm an astronaut and I'm on a mission to Uranus". Bam!! the girl hit the guy in the genitals then walk out of the bar and we see on the TV screen : The astronaut INSERTNAME will go on a mission to Uranus.

We're probably not the only types that space out but when I do I either try to look high away from the eyes of others or on the ground. Before I would just space out wherever my head was looking at that moment then you "WAKE UP" from your mental story and you just understand that you've been looking directly at those boobs for the last 5 minutes and the worst in this is that you're so good at visualizing that you haven't actually seen anything because this introspection shit we do is quite intense. The outside world stops existing when I do this.

I seek interesting people, you'll never find me in a group with someone that played pokemon. If one guy played pokemon, I'm getting the fuck out of there or I'm making sure that others kick him out of the group with manipulation and shit. I mean if the group isn't interesting, I really won't lose my time there. It's much better to be alone. There is nothing wrong in doing things alone. If I don't want to talk I just don't talk and I'll do my independent being with nobody.

Yeah I guess that's it, gonna sleep.
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