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We generally avoid social settings. You're more likely to find us at work or home. On the off chance we are out somewhere, we avoid eye contact and stay on the periphery. We find a safe spot, like against a wall where we can see everything and can't be surprised by someone coming up from behind, and cling to it for dear life. Our answers to questions will be terse, a lot of yes and no answers that signal we are not interested in conversation. The exception is when we are around people we're comfortable with. Then our safe zone increases to include them but not beyond.
amen brother well said.......what age group are you referring to ? if we are with a group of friend in a public setting then we will be the quiet one, we can be found at lectures, music stores, used book stores and the theater [movies] usually a matinee to avoid crowds and we will be alone. if you should approach us say something witty or inrelligent
1 - 1 of 80 Posts
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