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How to Spot One of You Guys in a Crowd

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The title basically says it all.

How can an ENFP like me differentiate one of you guys from the rest? Do you guys typically have a thing you guys do, or something? I've only ever met one INTJ in my life so far (that I know of), and they seem pretty cool.

I guess my question is, in social settings, where can I find you guys? Who do you typically hang out with (personality type wise)? What do you usually talk about? What topics of conversation do you avoid? Are you quiet, or is that just a stereotype?

Any and all thoughts appreciated! :D
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Half of this thread of full of losers who think being anti-social and shy is a shared trait among INTJ's. All the INTJ's I know are just the opposite.
While this may be true, I really don't think calling someone a "loser" is warranted and necessary. Where I'm from, we'd consider you the loser for not seeing the inexplicably unique qualities some people possess.

But who knows... That may be the ENFP in me talking...
I only wrote that to save you from taking bad advice.
Well, thanks for your concern.
Good luck finding an INTJ who will deal you with that attitude. Not being sensitive to harsh judgements is step 1 in dealing with an INTJ. Being appreciative when they are honest with their opinions is step 2.
With that attitude? My attitude was to defend people. If that's the "attitude" INTJs don't like, then they really are heartless robots. I really don't think you want to be responsible for that stereotype.

I suggest you work on your feeling aspect of your personality, and grow a heart.

*Strides back to the ENFP forum for loving comfort on the verge of tears* :crying:
I think a problem we have here is what you mean by a crowd.
Like, at church, the mall, a restaurant, a party, et cetera. I'm trying to find some to broaden my knowledge of how they are in the real world where I live.
1 - 5 of 80 Posts
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