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I recently bought a Nokia Nuron for cheap because....well it was really cheap.

And I'm used to my phones having access to my e-mail. But this one did not! And boy did it peeve me.

But I found a work-around! So I thought I'd share it with the internet.

This trick is for you if:

  • You have a cell phone that accepts picture messages, and you don't mind getting a bunch.
  • Preferably unlimited messaging.
  • You don't mind digging into a few settings pages.
  • It pisses you off you can't get your e-mails on your phone.
  • You have a g-mail account. If you don't have a g-mail account, it's okay. Read onward.*
  • Your phone requires internet for e-mail functionality, and you aren't payin' for that shit.
  • You're alright with having limited access to e-mail, this trick only allows receiving/replying.

Alright, so the basic premise of this trick is we are going to utilize your gmail account to forward every e-mail (or possible, specific e-mails if you dig in the settings enough) you receive straight to your phone.

~~~Before I explain anymore, I should say that I only know this works for certain with t-mobile. T-mobile allows you to send text messages from e-mail accounts by adding a "" after your phone number (plus a +1 for America, or whatever other country code you may have) and using that as your recipients e-mail address. I am not certain if this is the case with other cell phone carriers--you'll have to check into it with a quick google search or something cuz I don't feel like it.

'Kay so now that you got your phones e-mail address [email protected], for example. Put it on a copy/pasta or something and head on over to Gmail. Then make your way to the settings page. Should be a link in the top right or something. I'd do screen shots, but it's 3:20am and I'm lazy.

Now click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. In this area you'll have to enable forwarding (the disable radio button is probably set by default), and then insert your cell phones' e-mail as the e-mail address you would like to forward your new e-mails to. Save the settings, and you're ALMOST done.

Gmail will then send an e-mail to your phone asking to verify that it's yours before it actually begins. Clicking the link may be tricky, because your phone may not be able to do that. And a lot of phones still don't copy/paste.

One thing you could do is simply type it in.

But I'm a lazy ass, so what I did was hopped on AIM and then sent myself an instant message from within there (you can add phone numbers like adding buddies), and THEN forwarded the text I got from the verification message on my phone to the message I got from myself on AIM. Then I just clicked the link from my computer, and it was activated.

Then send yourself a tester e-mail quick, and it should work! CONGRATULATIONS! And horay for loopholes!

If anyone has problems feel free to post.

*If you don't have a gmail account, you could try to check your own e-mail settings page and see if it has similar options. If it doesn't, you can make a gmail account for free and then use the gmail settings page to link your original e-mail address. And then just follow the same steps as above once gmail is getting your other emails. Ba-da-bing!
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