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Probably been asked before but I'm curious about this one...

What types do you think are more likely to have an interest in MBTI typing, which types probably don't know it even exists and don't care, which types take their results as a personal attack, etc.

Using my family as an example, I've tested as INTP consistently for a few years and I definitely feel better when I know someone else's type so I can figure out any potential conflict(I'm absolute shit at feelings and ~talking~) and try to avoid it.
My dad is ISTP and knew that typing is a thing, but only because I tried to trick him into taking the test for months to see if I was right about his(I was). He agreed to take it when no one else was home, took answering p seriously, and when I read his results he nodded a lot and only had one comment: "I wonder if the results would change if someone else answered for me; I might have been biased on some."
My ENTP and ENTJ brothers were more eager to take the test themselves because they wanted to compare and contrast among us and talk about who got what type and what parts we see in them.
On the other end of the spectrum is our INFJ mother, who gave very long winded and unrelated responses to each question before finally answering(if you ask her what time she'll be home she'll answer with "well I have to go to the grocery store and I want to go to Target and see if they got new shoes in and I need to buy some tomatoes", none of which answers the original question) and then took her results as a personal attack on her character.

Any thoughts?

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I'm an INTJ and I have been fascinated with MBTI since I took the test several years ago. I read INTJs try to understand others' thought processes so we can adjust our approach in dealing with others accordingly. That is definitely true for me. MBTI helped me understand myself a lot more and has also greatly assisted me in relating to others.

I encouraged (read: badgered) my friends and immediate family members to take the test. My mom is an ISFJ, dad was an ESTJ, brother ISTJ, sister ESFP, other sister ISFJ. That let me know why I always felt like an alien in my family :tongue:

My friends are: ENTP (best friend), ENFP, INFJ, 2 ENFJs, and ESTP.

Getting to the point, My family members forgot their results as soon as they finished the test. They probably wouldn't even remember taking it at this point. My friends generally remembered their results and the descriptions of their types. I talk to my ENTP friend about it all the time. He doesn't accept much as being meaningful but he has an interest in this. My INFJ friend couldn't stop smiling when he read his result because it was so accurate he couldn't believe it. My ENFP friend wasn't too interested but he shared it with his girlfriend, who turned out to be an ENFJ and she became extremely interested. He told her I initiated the push to take the test. Then she and I began sharing information about MBTI and although she broke up with the ENFP, she and I have been steadfast friends ever since.

Granted, this is too small a sample size to make any determinations about type and reaction to the test, but it still suggests some connections.

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I'm an INTJ and have been trying to prove myself wrong for months, to no avail. There's no other type I could relate with as much. I thought I could be INTP, but I am not as chaotic and as uh, careless, disorganised or unfocused etc. And I'm definitely a J..

I made my dad take some tests since I couldn't type him by myself - he's not always with me so I may not even know him that well to be honest.. He's an INFP apparently. He doesn't really care about MBTI. He thinks it's silly.

I remember talking to a guidance counsellor at my previous high school, I asked if she knew her MBTI, she's against it lol.

And I made some other people take several tests online - I even listed their results in an embarrassingly organised list hahaha. My best friend is an ENFP. According to my list.. I've discovered 7 INFPs, 3 INTPs, 1 ENTP, 5 ENFJs, 3 ISFJs, 3 ESFJs, 3 ESFPs and only one INTJ - which is me.

Anyways, out of all those people, only about 3 cared much about MBTI.

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In the spoiler are membership stats for Personality Cafe and Typology Central. For each type, the first percentage is the percentage of that type at the forum, the second percentage (in parentheses) is the estimated "general population" percentage from the official MBTI folks (from this page), and the final number on the right is the self-selection ratio for that type — i.e., the ratio of the forum percentage to the general population percentage.

November 2014 membership stats for Personality Cafe:

INFJ — 9133 — 15.7% (1.5%) — ssr: 10.5
INTJ — 7307 — 12.6% (2.1%) — ssr: 6.0
INFP — 11865 — 20.4% (4.4%) — ssr: 4.6
INTP — 7825 — 13.5% (3.3%) — ssr: 4.1
ENTP — 3709 — 6.4% (3.2%) — ssr: 2.0
ENTJ — 1681 — 2.9% (1.8%) — ssr: 1.6
ENFJ — 1904 — 3.3% (2.5%) — ssr: 1.3
ENFP — 4915 — 8.5% (8.1%) — ssr: 1.0
ISTP — 1926 — 3.3% (5.4%) — ssr: 0.6
ISFP — 1986 — 3.4% (8.8%) — ssr: 0.4
ISTJ — 2094 — 3.6% (11.6%) — ssr: 0.3
ESTP — 635 — 1.1% (4.3%) — ssr: 0.3
ISFJ — 1374 — 2.4% (13.8%) — ssr: 0.2
ESFP — 620 — 1.1% (8.5%) — ssr: 0.1
ESFJ — 573 — 1.0% (12.3%) — ssr: 0.1
ESTJ — 542 — 0.9% (8.7%) — ssr: 0.1

November 2014 membership stats for Typology Central:

INFJ — 1782 — 16.1% (1.5%) — ssr: 10.7
INTJ — 1437 — 13.0% (2.1%) — ssr: 6.2
INTP — 1958 — 17.7% (3.3%) — ssr: 5.4
INFP — 2016 — 18.2% (4.4%) — ssr: 4.1
ENTP — 781 — 7.0% (3.2%) — ssr: 2.2
ENTJ — 298 — 2.7% (1.8%) — ssr: 1.5
ENFP — 1156 — 10.4% (8.1%) — ssr: 1.3
ENFJ — 321 — 2.9% (2.5%) — ssr: 1.2
ISTP — 304 — 2.7% (5.4%) — ssr: 0.5
ISFP — 256 — 2.3% (8.8%) — ssr: 0.3
ISTJ — 278 — 2.5% (11.6%) — ssr: 0.2
ESTP — 100 — 0.9% (4.3%) — ssr: 0.2
ISFJ — 181 — 1.6% (13.8%) — ssr: 0.1
ESFP — 84 — 0.8% (8.5%) — ssr: 0.1
ESTJ — 74 — 0.7% (8.7%) — ssr: 0.1
ESFJ — 65 — 0.6% (12.3%) — ssr: 0.05

The type frequency pattern at both forums (involving relatively large samples) is almost perfectly in line with a type-related explanation that says that (1) an N preference has a very large impact on the likelihood that someone will participate in personality-related internet forums, and (2) introversion also has a substantial impact (but not as large as an N preference).

Looking at the PerC stats (the larger sample): 62% of the members are INs (as compared to 11% of the general population), and 83% of the members are N's (as compared to 27% of the general population).

Every S type has a self-selection ratio of 0.6 or lower, and no N type has a self-selection ratio below 1.0. And the lowest self-selection ratio for the IN types is 13 times higher than the highest self-selection ratio for the ES types.

The stats suggest than an average MBTI IN is something like 40 times more likely than an average MBTI ES to join a personality-related internet forum.

And the stats for Typology Central are strikingly similar to the ones for PerC.

As a final note: Statistically speaking, NFs are the types most likely to be interested in psychology and the social sciences, and there are certainly lots of NFs with at least a mild interest in the MBTI. But I think it may also be true that, if you find somebody objecting to the MBTI on the grounds that it's offensive to suggest that people can meaningfully be put into 16 boxes (what you might call the "special snowflake" objection), I think NF may also be the likeliest type.

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^ I've noticed the huge discrepancy, with NFs and NTs way more likely to be members of MBTI groups/be interested in them, especially INs, and being very overrepresented. There are probably a few reasons for that: an inclination towards it, being introverts, a penchant for psychology, for studying the mysteriously complex human brain/mind, and a bias against sensors.
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