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This question came up again earlier on another site, the good old - What's your favourite type and your least favourite type?

Is this question as easy to answer as it is to ask? My response was that I could share information about the people I am fond of and what their types were and the same for those people I dislike and what their types were aswell. But within those groups, there were many, many exceptions, for those I call lovely types, the actual individuals rather than the abstract concept of their type turned out to be different, they were nice in person or nastier in person compared to their online persona.
This question of, who is your favourite and least favourite, has in my experience turned out to be an over-rated one. And so, the question of who your favourite/least favourite type, has turned out to be an often aggressive and make-believe situation. Where we place concepts above individual experiences.

The point of MBTI is to recognize the patterns and trends which have been observed belonging to internal processing and yet the objective observations of people's internal processes seem to be taken to another level of group objectification.
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