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"I have reqason to believe she might be interested, as I tend to ellicit smiles from her and she sometimes stares at me, "

She may or may not be interested beyond friendship, I think. You probably have to know how she responds to other males. ENFJs are usually comfortable with people, especially when she senses that you may be interested, or at least like her (yes, we know; we usually always know how other people feel about us before the others figure out what we are thinking, unless we fell hard before the other). However, smiling a lot and staring at you are good signs, suggesting that she likes you, and feel comfortable and confident. But again, could be just friendship, or more than friend, or it can grow. It is a good start.

"As an ENFJ, how do you act when you are interested in someone? what are some qualoties in another person's personality that attract you to that person? I'm here to gather as much informationas possible, so pleas try to be thorough if possible.

I think each ENFJ is an individual and different, so you have to take my answers with grain of salts. Just my two cents, if she is interested in you, it also depends on how sure she is about you: if she is confident and sure about your affection, she may be playful and being manipulative, in a good way without hurting your feeling if she is mature (for example, she may enjoy watching you being nervous etc.); if she is not sure but has feelings, she may test you, e.g. being close with you for a couple of days then suddenly cut the contact. She may also care more about you than just friends, e.g. regularly making sure that you are ok.

In terms of what personality we like, I think it really depends on individual. Bottom line, you have to be yourself, maybe the best of yourself, but still yourself. We are friendly towards other people, but we really just open up completely with a few we really really trust. Since we know people well, we would rather you being dumb but sincere, than being pretending.

I have a very good friend ENTJ, we did get into very intensive argument/discussion. It was quite upsetting at the beginning, but after a while, we learnt how to deal with the F-T difference. I think as thinkers, you do need to be sensitive and pay attention to her feelings. It doesn't hurt to to say "no offense" "I don't mean to hurt your feeling but ..." in your argument, so that she can focus on your logic better in your conversation. Personally, most men I found attracted turn out to be thinkers, but maybe just me. I like challenges and I can put up with those "annoyingly insensitive" conversations and appreciate their thoughts and logic.

Good luck!
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